Artentina and Antarctica

Phase two: Enroute from Usuaia tot the Falkands

After being welcomed aboard by the crew of the MV Plancius, we soon set sail to our first destination, the Falklands. This leg of the trip took us almost two nights and one day. Leaving early afternoon of the 7th of Januari, we had a really nice and quiet trip through the beagle channel, the sea strait connecting Usuaia to the Atlantic Ocean. Just as we were about to go to bed, we hit the open water, and our boat started rocking a little bit. It took a little getting used, but I had a reasonably quiet night. Not really surprising after nearly to days of sleep deprivation and jetleg. Waking up, the next morning, I was prepared for what I thought would become a rather boring day at sea. As we were preparing for Breakfast, I mentioned that I was going to develop a fascination for waves, just because I didn't expect much else to be around. Little did I know how wrong I would be!